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Mission of the project

Copyrights.net offers an aggregation platform designed to capture value from the long tail and create market efficiencies. We develop high effort/high value opportunities for GenAI and applied AI companies, ensuring that valuable datasets do not go untapped.



We identify credible offerors and assess the anticipated value of datasets to ensure they meet industry standards

Legal Review

We conduct thorough checks to discern the chain of title, categorizing datasets as all-clear, remediable, or not


We clarify the scope of training propositions and foster comfort around competitive safeguards


We support the transaction process ensuring a smooth and efficient valuation


Why Choose Copyrights.net?

Expertise: Our team has deep industry knowledge and a proven track record in handling complex data transactions and IP issues.

Efficiency: We streamline the acquisition process, reducing redundancy and maximizing the potential of available datasets.

Reliability: We ensure that all datasets meet stringent legal and technical standards, providing you with high-quality data for your AI models.

Unlock the potential of high-value datasets with Copyrights.net. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your data acquisition needs and drive your AI development forward.


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